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2018 Campaign Headquarters

323 Shelden Ave., Houghton


Democratic Slate

Vote for these Democrats by absent voter ballot, or in person November 6!


U.S. Senator

  1. Debbie Stabenow

Representative in the U.S. House of Representatives for Michigan’s 1st District

  1. Matt Morgan



  1. Gretchen Whitmer

Lt. Governor

  1. Garlin Gilchrist II

Secretary of State

  1. Jocelyn Benson

Attorney General

  1. Dana Nessel

State Senate

  1. Scott Dianda

State House Representatives

  1. Ken Summers


Michigan Supreme Court Candidates -

Endorsed by the Michigan Democratic Party

  1. Samuel Bagenstos

  2. Megan Kathleen Cavanagh (the good Cavanagh)State Senator


State Board of Education

  1. Judith P. Pritchett

  2. Tiffany Tilley

Regent of the University of Michigan (vote for two)

  1. Jordan Acker

  2. Paul Brown

Trustee of Michigan State University

  1. Brianna T. Scott

  2. Kelly Charron Tebay

Governor of Wayne State University

  1. Bryan C. Barnhill

  2. Anil Kumar

Houghton County Board

District 1: (no Democratic candidate)

District 2: Melissa Davis

District 3: Glenn D Anderson

District 4: Gretchen Janssen

District 5: Sharon A Stoll

Statewide Ballot Proposals

By William Keith, Vice-chair, Policies & Resolutions

    The Michigan Democratic Party and the Houghton County Democratic Party have endorsed yes votes on all the countywide and state-level ballot proposals in Houghton County this year, with at least one or both organizations endorsing each.  Individual townships may have additional proposals on which the county and state parties have taken no formal position.

Proposition 1:

This proposal would change marijuana's status under state law to be more like alcohol: still restricted in some ways (buyers must be 21 and older, amounts possessed at any one time would be limited, and so forth), but otherwise anyone could grow, buy, own, and use it, regardless of medical need.  Sales would be taxed at 10%, hopefully providing a new stream of income for the state.  The use of marijuana would remain illegal under federal law.  The evidence for measurable medical or social net benefits of marijuana legalization seems to be mixed, just as few people would argue that widely available alcohol is a big plus; it is the time, money and effort spent on prohibition that is the focus of most legalization arguments.  The hope is to reduce the incarceration of nonviolent offenders and spend less on drug prosecutions. 

Proposition 2:

Sponsored by Voters Not Politicians, this proposal amends the Michigan Constitution to prevent the Legislature from gerrymandering its own districts by establishing a citizen commission for redistricting.  Such commissions are becoming popular in various states, especially those in which representation in the Legislature has been skewed by partisan control; in Michigan, where some election levels are considered among the worst gerrymandered in the country, Republicans consistently win far more seats than their vote share after their 2010 redistricting.  For instance, in 2016 Democrats won more overall votes for the Michigan state House than Republicans, yet Republicans won 63 of the 110 available seats, since Democrats were packed into few districts.  Proposition 2 seeks to make redistricting a relatively nonpartisan process, with citizens manning a commission selected for partisan balance and membership by independents.  The goal is a slate of elected officials that accurately represent the preferences of the population of Michigan.

Proposition 3:

The Promote the Vote initiative calls for a package of laws to make voting easier and ensure that voters' rights are defended.  No-reason absentee voting, automatic registration of voters at times like when they get a driver's license, same-day voter registration, and automatic audits of election returns are among the measures this proposition seeks.  The vote is the fundamental right of Americans, and ensuring access to the ballot box especially for those who have difficulty exercising this right is one of the most important responsibilities of a civic-minded political organization.  In a time when Republican officials across the country are restricting access to voting by instituting Voter ID, closing polling places and restricting absentee voting, this proposition is an important response to protect the voice of Americans in their government.

Houghton County Jail Proposal

The following ballot proposal is on the ballot:

“Shall the County of Houghton, Michigan, borrow the principal sum of not to exceed Eleven Million Dollars ($11,000,000) and issue its general obligation unlimited tax bonds, in one or more series, payable in not to exceed twenty (20) years from date of issuance of each series, for the purpose of paying the costs of acquiring, constructing, furnishing, and equipping, additions, improvements, and remodeling of the county jail, including site improvements, appurtenances and attachments thereto?

The estimated millage to be levied in 2019 is .7439 mills ($.7439 per $1,000 of taxable value) and the estimated simple average annual millage rate required to retire the bonds is .751 mills ($.751 per $1,000 of taxable value).”

Houghton County has released two documents related to this proposal, which can be found here:

Jail Addition Flyer

Jail Additional Information

Michigan SOS Voter Information Site

See your registration status. Find your polling place. Read the ballot before voting. These resources are available to Michigan voters here.

Remember to Vote for

Michigan Supreme Court Candidates

Ballots for absent voters are out. In Michigan, we vote for our Supreme Court candidates, and we need your help to bring balance to the Michigan Supreme Court.

If you have an absent voter ballot, please help elect two outstanding candidates for the Michigan Supreme court, Sam Bagenstos, and Megan Kathleen Cavanaugh (the good Cavanaugh). Click on their logos below to visit their websites and learn more about these excellent candidates endorsed by the Michigan Democratic Party:

  1. Megan Kathleen Cavanaugh

  2. Samuel Bagenstos